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L.E.A.P. - Laboratorio Energia & Ambiente Piacenza (Energy and Environment Laboratory Piacenza) - is a specialized laboratory in the field of highly efficient, low environmental impact energy technology. Activities include applied research, testing, development and technology transfer.  The Laboratory is supported by the Politechnic Institute of Milan and forms part of the Emilia Romagna High Technology Network.

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LEAP at AIEL’s Wood Energy Days, Progetto Fuoco, Verona’s fair

Verona, 2018 February 21st

Workshop on Guidelines for the emissions reduction of small scale biomass combustion

Emission factors and UFP toxicity of firewood and pellets stoves from a real combustion cycle is the title of the presentation that will be performed by LEAP and DICA department of Politecnico di Milano in the workshop organized by AIEL (Italian Association of Agro-forestry Energies) about the issue Guidelines for the emissions reduction of small scale biomass combustion within the fair named Progetto Fuoco.

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Biomass and Air Quality

Piacenza, 2017 October 10th

LEAP – Piacenza Technopole, Politecnico di Milano and Bioenergy 2020+ organize a seminar

A seminar on the theme of “Biomass and Air Quality” will be held at the Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano. The seminar is organized by LEAP (Piacenza Technopole), Politecnico di Milano and Bioenergy 2020+.
Bioenergy 2020+ is an Austrian research centre whose activities cover all relevant technologies for the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass. The centre also researches options for the industrial and non-energy use of biomass.
The seminar will focus on the issue of emissions generated by biomass combustion in small-scale applications and on the technical strategies to mitigate these emissions.

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LEAP with Emilia-Romagna Region at EXPO 2017 Astana “Future Energy”

Astana, Kazakhstan, 2017 September 3rd

Alberto Sogni will present the Clust-ER “Energy and Sustainable Development”

Emilia-Romagna Regional Week at Expo 2017 Astana, whose theme is “Future Energy”, will be held from the 3rd to the 7th of September in the Italian Pavilion. The main event will be the Sustainability Forum, that embraces 4 workshops focusing on Green Economy issues, with the active participation of regional and national institutions and companies.

Alberto Sogni, director of LEAP, will present the regional Clust-ER “Energy and Sustainable Development” in the workshop that will be held on September 3rd under the title “Transition towards a Low Carbon Economy: Scenarios and Technologies”.

Download the program of the International Sustainability Forum