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Lcoe analysis of silicon perovskite tandem photovoltaic modules


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We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity for a motivated and ambitious master’s student to undertake a thesis project focused on the development of a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) analysis for a groundbreaking photovoltaic technology. The research will be centered on silicon perovskite tandem cells, a novel approach that holds great promise for advancing the efficiency and sustainability of solar energy.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a comprehensive LCOE model tailored specifically to the characteristics of silicon perovskite tandem photovoltaic fields. The project aims to provide valuable insights into the economic viability and competitiveness of this emerging solar technology. The analysis will encompass various factors, including material costs, fabrication processes, efficiency gains, and operational considerations, ultimately contributing to the understanding of the commercial potential of these innovative modules.

This master’s thesis project is anticipated to span a period of 9 months, during which the student will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of solar energy economics, gain expertise in LCOE modeling, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

We are seeking a candidate with a strong background in renewable energy, engineering, or a related field. The ideal candidate should have a keen interest in photovoltaic technologies and possess quantitative and analytical skills suitable for developing and implementing complex energy economic models. Familiarity with software tools commonly used in energy system modeling is desirable.

The selected student will work under the guidance of experienced faculty members with expertise in renewable energy and photovoltaic systems. The project will provide opportunities for collaboration with industry partners, allowing the student to gain real-world insights and contribute to the practical application of their research.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications as soon as possible, including a CV, a with the passed exams with grades, and a brief statement of interest, to lorenzo.maserati@polimi.it. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview to discuss the project in more detail. Project kickoff is planned to take place on February 2024.

In addition to the academic and research experience gained, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to the growing field of renewable energy, work with cutting-edge technologies, and build a foundation for a successful career in the rapidly evolving solar energy sector.

Join us in the pursuit of sustainable and efficient solar energy solutions. Be a part of pioneering research that has the potential to shape the future of photovoltaic technology. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey towards a master’s degree with real-world impact!

Area di competenza
Smart Energy Systems


Lorenzo Maserati (lorenzo.maserati@polimi.it)

Competenze richieste
Familiarity with software tools commonly used in energy system modeling.
Background in renewable energy, engineering, or a related field

Data di inizio presunta
February 2024

6/9 months.

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