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Piacenza, 2016.03.21

After the meeting on bioenergies, LEAP keeps contributing to the definition of the new Energy Plan of Emilia Romagna Region. This time the conference theme will be the energy requalification of building heritage. The meeting will take place on March 21st, 2016, at 09:15 a.m. in Bologna, “Sala 20 maggio, della Terza torre della Regione”, viale della Fiera 8.

Different topics will be discussed during the meeting, such as regulatory aspects, available technologies for energy requalification and reports of experiences in this sector.
Eng. Emanuele Martelli from Consortium L.E.A.P. will take a speech on “Sistemi energetici efficienti per distretti urbani intelligenti” (efficient energy systems for intelligent urban districts). He will present results from LEAP research activities on optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques, and of their applications on management and control of tri/cogeneration grids, serving complex urban districts, both conventional and integrated with renewable energy sources.

The full program.

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