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Piacenza, 2017 October 10th

LEAP – Piacenza Technopole, Politecnico di Milano and Bioenergy 2020+ organize a seminar

A seminar on the theme of “Biomass and Air Quality” will be held at the Piacenza Campus of Politecnico di Milano. The seminar is organized by LEAP (Piacenza Technopole), Politecnico di Milano and Bioenergy 2020+.
Bioenergy 2020+ is an Austrian research centre whose activities cover all relevant technologies for the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass. The centre also researches options for the industrial and non-energy use of biomass.
The seminar will focus on the issue of emissions generated by biomass combustion in small-scale applications and on the technical strategies to mitigate these emissions.

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