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Decision making structures

The meeting, duly formed, represents all the associates and their deliberations, taken in conformity with the laws and statutes by which all associations are governed.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS, comprised of:

PRESIDENT Stefano Consonni
Full Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems at the Energy Department, Politecnico di Milano

VICE PRESIDENT Agostino Albertazzi
Mechanical Engineer, Industrial Energy Consultant

DIRECTOR Alberto Sogni

Ms Elena Baio
Deputy Mayor of Piacenza, Head of General Affairs, Education, University, Animal Protection

Dr. Filippo Cella
General Manager of Impresa Cella Gaetano s.r.l. - Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce Piacenza

Dr. Giovanni Chinosi
Operations Director of the Iren Ambiente Business Unit

Eng. Giovanni Cinti
Chemical Engineer, Cement Industry Consultant

Prof. Maurizio Delfanti
Full Professor of Electric Power Systems at the Energy Department, Politecnico di Milano

Ar. Lucia Marchelli
Technical Sales of Antas srl (Giglio Group)

Eng. Stefano Pastori
Nuclear Engineer - Termotechnic Specialization, Business Consultant

Prof. Paolo Sckokai
Associate Professor of Rural Economics and Estuary of the Faculty of Agriculture, Cattolica University, Piacenza

Eng. Lorenzo Zaniboni
Director of Partenope Ambiente - Gruppo A2A

Business Consultant